Large Arabian lamps

In this category we have Arabian lamps with large measurements. These are the most spectacular lamps. If you have the space to hang such lamps the effect enriches your home or business with notable elegance and light. One can also order large Arabian lamps, handmade to measure, crafted in Morocco; send us your desired measurements and we will give you an estimate with a date for delivery. For lamps in the "ceiling lamps" section, we have hooks for hanging the lamps that are made to pass the cable inside the lamp and hide the attachment.


Spectacular 1.5 metre-tall lamp. Laboriously detailed sheet metal work with coloured and transparent glass plates. 


An 18-point Arabian star ceiling lamp made with treated white iron and Moroccan glass arabesques. 80 cm wide by 85 cm high. Spectacular.


  Lamp 120 cms high by 46 cms wide, handmade with sheet-metal and white and coloured glass. 

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Gran lámpara de chapa calada con cuentas de colores , cuelga de cuatro cadenas que se unen en una gran argolla . Medidas , alto 107 cms más 25...

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Lámpara de chapa con cuentas de colores variados que dan un efecto espectacular . Medidas 110 cms de alto más 22 cms de las cadenas . Ancho 48...

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Large Alhoceima lamp

A frosted glass lamp 77 cm high by 32 cm wide.

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Large Farfara lamp

A frosted glass lamp, 60 cm high by 34 cm wide, with a very Arabian finish.

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A ceiling lamp made from copper and coloured glass panels, rife with detail, and side-opening with a small door. 90 x 40 x 40. Easy to install with the bulb...


A large white and colour, glass-panelled lamp fashioned from wrought iron, approx. 85x43x43 cm.

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Large lamp

Large lamp measures 28 by 28 cms at the base and 77 cms high. Alternating coloured and transparent glass plates. You may choose to use candles in the lamp as...

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Quality Moroccan lighting with Arabian design, large lamps and lanterns from Morocco made by hand. Copper and parchment lamps and lanterns ideal for Arabian lighting and Moroccan design, with the best prices possible.